March 1, 2009

The most Beautiful High Country River…SAVE THE NEVIS FROM BEING DAMMED!!!

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The proposed plan to Dam the Nevis is a scary thought especially if you understand the History and have seen how beautiful this valley really is.

Mike Cornu (Park City, Utah) a buddy from the states hooked up with Bruce and i to check  it out. Just the drive into the Nevis is amazing, with a landscape that could have cowboys and indians riding around on horses to the surface of Mars or the moon.

The river itself offers a challenge that will keep the most stealth angler on their toes, and teach lessons on casting, presentation, spotting, hooking and landing fish.

Long leaders 15ft min are required to entice these fish to take. This day we spotted 3 fish that would have gone over 10 pound. We know where they are and will return to have a go another day………………….

This river offers the ultimate challange that on a good day will present maybe 5 shots at fish for the whole day. If the stars are in line and you happen to be there with us, then chances are that you could hook the largest Brown Trout in your life……………… Drop us an e-mail or call Bruce or Myself and lets go fishing………..

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