May 15, 2010

Exploring Fiordland and the West Coast New Zealand

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Gordy Watson was looking after Randy O’connor and his family on a Heli scenic exploration/fishing trip that would take us from Milford Sound up the coast to Haast and back to Queenstown via some back country rivers.

You haven’t seen rain until you see what it can do in Fiordland!! Milford Sound has been called the 8th wonder of the world and when you see the place after its been raining for a few days you will see why!!

Randy & Family had walked the Milford Track. Actually they had to be helicoptered out on the last day because of severe flooding and along with Brendan Thow we were the transfer back to Queenstown via a few special spots along the way.

Gordy, the wild west coast.


May 14, 2010

Rainbows and Browns and more Rainbows and Browns..

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Rainbow and Brown trout were introduced to New Zealand in the late 1800’s and just like every other introduced species have thrived since their arrival.

New Zealand in my eyes is the ultimate paradise and when those first fish got released into our waterways at that time, i’m pretty sure they thought it was heaven!!

We have the most pristine rivers and lakes in the world, but we also have a number of rivers around the country that are not what they used to be.

This makes the places we go even more special..

Healthy Rainbow Trout, about 8lb


May 13, 2010

Fishing with your boy…

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This has to be one of life’s treats, going fishing with your son. Doesn’t really matter wheather you are on a boat, a jetty or a lake really, it’s all about being there when a fish is on!!

Paul and Barney Fairbanks were in New Zealand for thier first time and a trip into the back country was the first of many to come.

We flew with Brendan from Alpine Choppers and had an amazing time with both rainbows and browns coming up to dry flies. The boys got a taste of what things can be like when everything comes together just right.

Barney and Paul, hanging out in the hanger before lift off.


The Faces and Places, Flyfishing New Zealand.

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When you think fly fishing for trout, i would have to say NZ is near the top of the list as an ultimate destination for Rainbow and Brown Trout.

The best excuse to go back country i reckon is a fishing rod, camera and even a rifle for some venison! Just being in the places we go is special, and to catch a sighted trout on a fly and then release it however big or small is an experience to be remembered.

I love showing people what is sitting on our doorstep and sharing a few stories that go with the place. NZ is a small island at the bottom of the world and at the bottom of that island is the place that i like to hang out in..

Our fly fishing season is nearing an end as the trout prepare to start spawning up into the head waters of what i reckon are the most beautiful rivers in the world!!

Here are a few images of the summer of 2009/10..

Billy Gates with a baby brown trout.