What We Do


Dream Waters is a specialist fly fishing outfitter. Our experience and knowledge enable us to get the best out of any day regardless of the anglers experience.

Safety, enjoyment and having an exciting learning experience are our prime goals, so all of our fishing locations are well researched.

For more information on booking your customized tour with Dream-waters, please click here to contact us.


All Fly Fishing Trips Include:

  • Pick up from accommodation.
  • Quality, Waders, Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders, & Flys.
  • Full Tuition for the novice, Local knowledge and advice for the expert.
  • Meals and Refreshments.
  • Good honest KIWI hospitality.

You are welcome to bring your own equipment however it will need to be clean and declared when coming through N.Z customs on arrival.


With Dream-waters it is a total Fly fishing experience where we are 100% stalking/hunting wild trout, observing what they are feeding on,selecting the exact fly, size, and type and then presenting the fly as naturally as possible imitating nature. Timing the strike and then playing the fish which is another story. 

It all sounds easy when you read it out, but in reality Fly Fishing is an ART and that is why you need us on your side. We recommend a 1 to 1 guide ratio and a multi day fly fishing experience for the best results.


You Need:

  • Warm under clothing.
  • Rain Jacket and Wind breaker (Dull Colours)
  • Sun Hat & Warm Hat.
  • Warm Socks.
  • Polarized Glasses.
  • Camera or video camera.
  • A sense of humour & Adventure.
  • N.Z Fishing License