December 15, 2010

The Wilderness Fly Fishing experience, FIORDLAND

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Robb Meyers from Colorado Springs came out to NZ and was looking for a fishing experience that would see us camping on the side of a river somewhere and casting to fish in some of the clearest water i have ever seen.

Fiordland offers a wilderness experience that will leave you speechless to say the least…

Clear water that offers the fly fisherman the dream of casting to sighted fish.

Big boulders and fast water made this place a challenge to hook and land fish, lots of handy foot work was needed for sure!! Robb landed a nice rainbow from this pool.

Shooting some nice line at browns and rainbows that were keen to rise to a dry fly well presented..

Fish on brother!! Robb pulled a few hole in 1’s, at least 5 that day.

Nice brown to the net, 1 of 15 or so for the day..

Fiordland, special country for sure.

The release..

Typical water that makes you think that it is all a dream, crystal clear and full of wild rainbow and brown trout.

If you are reading this and a fly fisherman then i reckon that you would be pretty happy standing in the middle of this river. Over 4 days we never seen a foot print apart from deer and never once did we think about what was going on in the rest of the world..too busy living the moment…

Every corner you turn just gets better and better, this river offered a different clarity of water…chur bro,

More big boulders and cyrstal clear water and a healthy rainbow connected.. and landed.

The Camp Pool..

About to fish the flats, cruising browns coming up and taking drys..

What a river huh, never been to the amazon but i imagine it could look like this in some places?

Typical Brown, healthy and full of fight and keen to take a dry if presented right.

Double hook ups, fishing the flats…totally on…

Fish on..

Another nice rainbow to the net..

Dream water is all i can say about this place..

Another brown for the release..

Rainy morning, but still they came up and took dry’s.

The Camp Pool, Robb had travelled from Afghanistan to Queenstown, One of his requests was to sleep on the side of a river under a tree. The first night was as riverside as you could get, and them beech tree’s we slept under are no ordinary tree either. Next morning Robb even caught a rainbow on a dry from his sleeping mat, now that is priceless. I missed the strike from my sleeping bag a few minutes later!!

chur brother, this is the most amazing river, the water is something else..

The release..

Typical brown over the 4 days, nice fish all keen to take of the surface, hi viz parachute adams #14 all day long.

The reflection pool, robb hooked 5 fish in this pool, landed 3..

Check the water, unreel

Cruising Browns all pretty much the same size, really nice fish.

This is one of the most pristine rivers i have ever seen, just magic..

These are a few photos of 4 days of fishing in the back country. If you are thinking of coming to NZ for the fishing trip of a life time, give us a call we will make it happen. We access these areas by boat and helicopter and camp riverside, use tents, back country huts, or just sleep under the stars.

Wilderness fly fishing will put you in the places just like Robb Meyers, believe me Robb will be back and we have other place just like these to visit, there are 10 lifetimes of beautiful rivers to be fished here, you had better call us and make a start to visiting what we call dream-waters.


  1. Just doesn`t get any better bro……

    Comment by Jimbo — December 29, 2010 @ 12:39 am

  2. Nice fish bro

    Comment by Eskimo.QLD.AU — July 31, 2012 @ 3:13 pm

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