December 23, 2010

Fly fishing New Zealand, seeing what it is all about.

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Bruce and i teamed up for the day, mission – Steve, David and Darcy, wanted to check out what fly fishing was all about??

Of course it is fishing but, quite different to other forms of fishing, what we do is 90% sight fishing, yip we don’t even make a cast until we see a fish.

This changes the game and turns us into more of a hunter fisherman, then just a chuck and chance fisherman.

The weather of late had been rainy to say the least and most of our rivers were high and coloured. Taking a boat to the mouth of a nearby river was the best option, and look for some lake edge cruisers.

The main river was pretty colored up, and running higher then normal. It dosn’t look like much of a flow but we take crossing rivers seriously and even though the worst thing here was getting wet and cold, we just don’t want to go there full stop.

We are a team when we go fishing, the only boss out there is the fish. It is all about being there and enjoying a new and challenging experience. If it goes right, it can be the start of something new..

We were on a farm station and being in that environment was awesome, got to meet the local farmer and his dogs doing thier farming thing.

David was at home, with a farming background back home in Australia he was pretty comfortable in the country. Could have been in the lord of the rings as well with that sheperds croof he come across in the paddock.

Time to get some fish to the bank, Darcy with a fish on..

Darcy and his first trout..

The release..

Davids turn to fight a fish, good times, this fish was going to be smoked for our lunch..

First trout for David..

David with a couple of fish for lunch and dinner. The lake edge holds good numbers of fish, that are not easy to catch. the cast has to be on in the right place at the right time.

Darcy with the ones that didn’t get away, we hooked a few others and released a couple more.

Lunch, as fresh as it gets!! smoked trout, with some of bruces famous bacon and egg pie, olives, strawberries, blueberries, garlic bread, and cold beer.

The boat ride home, nice way to end a day of fishing. David, Steve and Darcy, really great guys to hang out with. They all learn’t about the style of fishing that fly fishing is. Steve spotted a feeeding fish, presented the right cast and hooked his first fish on a dry fly this day. An awesome experience that might just keep him coming back and walking a few more lake edge and rivers, nice … tight lines boys, bruce and Hen…

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