December 2, 2010

Fishing in Fiordaland

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Gordy Watson and myself took a crew of mates into Preservation Inlet, the most southern fiord where we met a charter boat. The Jewel skippered by Rob Swale and his crew were on hand to bait hooks clean the catch and prepare the catch for the pot.

Flying down from Queenstown was a experience on it’s own and cruising around the sound was breath taking to say the least.

If you and your friends are looking for something out of the box give us a shout because that is what we do, we like to take you to places where the only people you will see are who you choose. The rest will be some of NZ’s most pristine landscape.

You will get to have a pretty good feed along the way as well as fresh as it comes out of the cold pure waters of southern New Zealand.

Fying down over what we consider to be one of the most pristine places on the planet, our backyard.


November 12, 2009

The search for the most pristine water in the world…

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Pictures paint a thousand words they say, and for Gordy Watson and myself  well we reckon the place where we went was worth more than a thousand words, much more!!

Myself,Gordy Watson, Craig, Wendy & Shane Cole, Just being there is special. If there was ever a place to go fly fishing in your wildest dreams?? This could be it!!


July 9, 2009

Fishing in the morning, Skiing in the Afternoon.

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Joe, Beth, Katie & Joe jr, were here in Queenstown visiting from Alabama. Winter will often see the lakes glassy calm with scenes you could make a calender out of. I teamed up with Gordy Watson and we had a good look around the top of the lake. We spotted some good fish and had some opportunity but i think the scenery got in the way!!

Lake wakatipu, mid winter


April 21, 2009

The Brocks go fishing AGAIN..

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Rick, Norma, Hayley and Devon Brock made some more time to go fishing, off we went to the mouth of the Greenstone. The day was perfect with the cloud burning off by mid day and the sun shining bright. The river was still running a little high above normal but the fish were there.

I say the fish were there but they weren’t going crazy to jump on our flys!! We hooked fish and landed a few and over all had a great day out on some Dream-waters.

Hayley Brock, Lake Wakatipu


April 18, 2009

The Brocks go fishing..

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Another family passing the passion of fly fishing on..

We flew to a special high country river that presents a challenge to any fisherman. Flying out across the southern alps is something special that has to be experienced while you are in N.Z. And to land beside a river that is full of rainbow trout is a dream come true.

That is what we did with the brock family from Toronto.. See for yourself what the pictures say..

Lake Hawea N.Z


February 25, 2009

Dream-Lakes, drifting along a lake edge hunting Brown Trout……

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Yasu Kobayashi arrived in Queenstown after 14 hours flight time from Tokyo. We drove 15 minutes from Queenstown and had a brown trout to the net within hours of Yasu being in N.Z.

This is Yasu’s 9th trip to New Zealand in a row, you guessed it?????

The fishing is worth the travel, and it makes me appreciate what we have here in N.Z that makes people the world over come to see…….



February 7, 2009

Milford sound, Fiordland National Park….. And fishing in between….

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Queenstown is right on the doorstep of one of the worlds largest World Heritage Areas. Fiordland National Park is on the list of places to see when you visit New Zealand. Photographs don’t do the place justice, you have to see it for yourself to beleive it and more so feel it. If you have travelled from the other side of the world and your time is limited, let us organise a day that will feel like a week long  journey of experiences and leave you thinking that it was all just a dream…….

We even caught some Rainbow Trout on the way. Now that is a day that is hard to forget!!

If you ever talk to Anthony and Angela Hamilton or Leon and Fiona Christianakis  or Bruce and I then we will tell you how it was…..


Fiordland, Dream-waters


January 2, 2009

The Fishers go fishing!

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What a way to start the New Year! The first day of 2009 was spent with the Fisher family from San Fransisco. The weather all around Queenstown was Dark, Windy and Wet!!! We managed to find some Dreamwater that kept the whole family entertained. Some great fish were caught and released, it was a pleasure for both Bruce and i to guide not only a family of passionate fisher peolple but also very technically skilled at casting and dealing with the strong head winds that greeted us for the New Year. That day will be long remembered……



October 31, 2008

Randy & Leslie visit Queenstown and Enjoy Blanket Bay Lodge.

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October 2008, and Randy & Leslie are here in Queenstown. Blanket Bay Luxury Lodge on the shore of Lake Wakatipu in Glenorchy is the accommodation. 

The setting is picture perfect and a great base to explore the amazing sights that are available within minutes drive and flight from the Lodge.

Pictures paint a thousand words they say, i reckon they paint ten thousand plus words..

blanket bay, lake wakatipu, glenorchy