July 9, 2009

Fishing in the morning, Skiing in the Afternoon.

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Joe, Beth, Katie & Joe jr, were here in Queenstown visiting from Alabama. Winter will often see the lakes glassy calm with scenes you could make a calender out of. I teamed up with Gordy Watson and we had a good look around the top of the lake. We spotted some good fish and had some opportunity but i think the scenery got in the way!!

Lake wakatipu, mid winter


April 24, 2009

Bob & Suzie Cronholm go fishing for a few hours

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Bob and suzie were booked to take the Dart River Jet boat from 12.45pm. We had done a weather check the night before and found our window of opportunity was a morning fishing excursion.

I picked them up from Blanket Bay at 8.30 and we drove 20 minutes to the Routeburn River. There was evidence of the last weather system that went through days earlier as logs some up to 2 tonnes were no longer where i had remembered them and were now 40 -50 metres down river!!

Despite this there were fish to be spotted and we cast at a few with Bob hooking 2 and landing 1, Suzie had a major battle with a good Rainbow and after 15 minutes of moving up and down the run a few times done a mighty run and took the fly with him. It was hard to leave the river but there was a  jet boat to catch and another adventure to live.

That was a half of a day out on some Dream-water making the most of our beautiful country… living the dream..

Early morning mist, Bob and Suzie Cronholm


February 24, 2009

Call it Paradise….call it unbelievable…call it amazing…….we love where we live….

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Leo and Marcy, love the great outdoors and made a special trip to New Zealand to fulfill a life long dream to see what it really is like?

We made a flight into one of the most beautiful valleys you could imagine, chasing deer, landing on top of a mountain peak along the way, and then landing beside a dream-river to spend the day sighting and fishing to wild rainbow and brown trout.

I have a funny feeling that this was the first of many visits to Queenstown and N.Z, and am looking forward to sharing it all again…………………….. Henare 



October 31, 2008

Randy & Leslie visit Queenstown and Enjoy Blanket Bay Lodge.

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October 2008, and Randy & Leslie are here in Queenstown. Blanket Bay Luxury Lodge on the shore of Lake Wakatipu in Glenorchy is the accommodation. 

The setting is picture perfect and a great base to explore the amazing sights that are available within minutes drive and flight from the Lodge.

Pictures paint a thousand words they say, i reckon they paint ten thousand plus words..

blanket bay, lake wakatipu, glenorchy