December 23, 2010

Fly fishing New Zealand, seeing what it is all about.

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Bruce and i teamed up for the day, mission – Steve, David and Darcy, wanted to check out what fly fishing was all about??

Of course it is fishing but, quite different to other forms of fishing, what we do is 90% sight fishing, yip we don’t even make a cast until we see a fish.

This changes the game and turns us into more of a hunter fisherman, then just a chuck and chance fisherman.

The weather of late had been rainy to say the least and most of our rivers were high and coloured. Taking a boat to the mouth of a nearby river was the best option, and look for some lake edge cruisers.


December 15, 2010

The Wilderness Fly Fishing experience, FIORDLAND

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Robb Meyers from Colorado Springs came out to NZ and was looking for a fishing experience that would see us camping on the side of a river somewhere and casting to fish in some of the clearest water i have ever seen.

Fiordland offers a wilderness experience that will leave you speechless to say the least…

Clear water that offers the fly fisherman the dream of casting to sighted fish.


October 27, 2010

New Zealand Fly Fishing, Best in the WORLD..

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Tell us what you think??

We would say that, thats why we live here, and thats why people from all over the world come here to do so there must be some truth in the statement.

Here are a few reasons and photos that we reckon will back that statement up, hope you agree?? We welcome your comments though..

Gordy watson, nice brown for the release.

Put yourself right here??

What do you, pretty nice country we live in aye??

Fly Fishing in the Southernlakes Region is all go!!!

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Another winter has passed and another summer about to roll out. There is still plenty of snow in the high country which will keep the rivers in good flow for the early part of the summer. Even over the winter we managed to get out onto the west coast where some rivers are open all year round.

Here are some photos of the last few weeks of exploration as well as days with clients and also some winter action on the mountains surrounding the Wakatipu.

November 1st and our high country rivers are open, these are the places we love and are pretty excited about getting out back country and seeing what is going on out there!!!

As far as the season goes we have steady bookings and are already getting enquiry for next year during the World cup of Rugby.

Get in touch if you are planning on getting out to New Zealand…. We can show you some of the secrets that lie in the back of beyond..

Peter Gomm with a nice brown, opening day 2010

Spring fed Water, New Zealand

Peters new rod with the first of many trout that will fall victim. Sage Z-axis #6 very nice set up!!

Another opening day Brown, taken on a #16 paracute adams.

Opening day was pretty good, actually was better then pretty good. Peter is on his 3rd time out with a fly rod the difference is that he went home to Perth Western Australia and got casting tuition and practices on the back lawn.

He has fast tracked his way into a great caster and these are the results!! He will be back in december of this year and we are planning to go back country by helicopter. All i can say is that no fish will be safe!!

The release

May 14, 2010

Rainbows and Browns and more Rainbows and Browns..

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Rainbow and Brown trout were introduced to New Zealand in the late 1800’s and just like every other introduced species have thrived since their arrival.

New Zealand in my eyes is the ultimate paradise and when those first fish got released into our waterways at that time, i’m pretty sure they thought it was heaven!!

We have the most pristine rivers and lakes in the world, but we also have a number of rivers around the country that are not what they used to be.

This makes the places we go even more special..

Healthy Rainbow Trout, about 8lb


May 13, 2010

Fishing with your boy…

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This has to be one of life’s treats, going fishing with your son. Doesn’t really matter wheather you are on a boat, a jetty or a lake really, it’s all about being there when a fish is on!!

Paul and Barney Fairbanks were in New Zealand for thier first time and a trip into the back country was the first of many to come.

We flew with Brendan from Alpine Choppers and had an amazing time with both rainbows and browns coming up to dry flies. The boys got a taste of what things can be like when everything comes together just right.

Barney and Paul, hanging out in the hanger before lift off.


The Faces and Places, Flyfishing New Zealand.

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When you think fly fishing for trout, i would have to say NZ is near the top of the list as an ultimate destination for Rainbow and Brown Trout.

The best excuse to go back country i reckon is a fishing rod, camera and even a rifle for some venison! Just being in the places we go is special, and to catch a sighted trout on a fly and then release it however big or small is an experience to be remembered.

I love showing people what is sitting on our doorstep and sharing a few stories that go with the place. NZ is a small island at the bottom of the world and at the bottom of that island is the place that i like to hang out in..

Our fly fishing season is nearing an end as the trout prepare to start spawning up into the head waters of what i reckon are the most beautiful rivers in the world!!

Here are a few images of the summer of 2009/10..

Billy Gates with a baby brown trout.


March 16, 2010

The Heli Scenic Fly Fishing Adventure.

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I hate making excuses, but since xmas 09 we have been flat out busy!!

The Fishing Dairy has lacked evidence of our busyness,  I’ll let the pictures tell a few of the stories of some of the adventures we have been getting into.

This one in particular was with Bob Payne and his family from California. A heli-scenic into Milford Sound and some Fly Fishing on the way. Not a bad way to finish 2009 off and see 2010 in..


February 10, 2010

Familys and Fishing

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Jesse and his family having fun on the river!! The wind was blowing hard on the nose and had quite a chill with it.They were well prepared for what the great outdoors can throw at you, and had a great day of fishing, shared and enjoyed by all!!


February 7, 2010

The last month of Fishing and some..

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Take a look at some of the places we have been going..

Some of the people we have been showing around..

And some of the fish we have been meeting..