December 10, 2009

Research and Development

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Gordy Watson (Trout Stalkers), Bruce and myself went Back Country for some R & D

The pictures will tell the story..

Double hook up.

Couldn’t help ourselves, these are healthy fish that run and jump, so much fun!!

Wind on the Nose.


June 10, 2009

Dream-waters in our back-yard Kobayashi-san gets some TIGHT-LINES

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Yasu Kobayashi from Nagano Japan, stepped up to the plate and delivered some beautiful casts that got instant results.

If there was ever a lesson in casting and playing a fish then Kobayashi-san is the man to watch, and on the river we fished he was definitly the boss.

Using his faithful SCOTT ROD  #5 of 10 years the experience of fishing some dream-waters was made even better….. after 9 years of travelling to N.Z to fish Yasu and Kazu finally made it to the top of Lake Wakatipu, after today it won’t be the last.



April 25, 2009

Shawn comes over from Sydney Australia to go back country.

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New Zealand has no dangerous animals, i mean we have no snakes, no bear no tigers.. what we do have is the weather and if you go back country and are no prepared for 4 seasons then that is one thing that will catch you out!!

Reading a weather map is a skill that is handy, but even then this place is so changeable!! The plan was to go back country by helicopter but looking at the weather things were looking touch and go. We drove south to get away from the North Wester and found some fishing on the Apirima. We spotted a number of fish and managed to time it right for a mayfly hatch. Shawn caught his first fish on a dry fly, made the perfect cast and timed the strike just right, and then landed the brown by net, another first. Worth the travel from Sydney Australia i think.

We are still watching the weather for our chance to go back country, will keep you posted…

shawn with an Apirima Brown.


February 25, 2009

Dream-Lakes, drifting along a lake edge hunting Brown Trout……

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Yasu Kobayashi arrived in Queenstown after 14 hours flight time from Tokyo. We drove 15 minutes from Queenstown and had a brown trout to the net within hours of Yasu being in N.Z.

This is Yasu’s 9th trip to New Zealand in a row, you guessed it?????

The fishing is worth the travel, and it makes me appreciate what we have here in N.Z that makes people the world over come to see…….



February 20, 2009

Dancing with COWS……..Backcountry Audience watching the action….

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We were fishing in a place with an audience of cows that is in the back of beyond. You would think you were in the wild west of the states somewhere, but no we were on some dream-waters not far from Queenstown. (By Helicoter)

An amazing Fishery that on the day can offer dry fly fishing that fly- fisherman the world over dream of………… 



January 30, 2009

Yellowstone National park.

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Retired Yellowstone National Park Ranger, Bob Brown finally realized his dream when he made it to N.Z to Flyfish for Brown Trout.

Bob Brown, inspecting lunch.
Bob Brown, inspecting lunch.


January 2, 2009

The Fishers go fishing!

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What a way to start the New Year! The first day of 2009 was spent with the Fisher family from San Fransisco. The weather all around Queenstown was Dark, Windy and Wet!!! We managed to find some Dreamwater that kept the whole family entertained. Some great fish were caught and released, it was a pleasure for both Bruce and i to guide not only a family of passionate fisher peolple but also very technically skilled at casting and dealing with the strong head winds that greeted us for the New Year. That day will be long remembered……



October 8, 2008

SAVE THE MURRAY RIVER. Brian and Mick from South Australia see the abundance of watter…..

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Brian and Mick make me appreciate the abundance of crystal clear water that we have here in N.Z!! We managed 2 days of fishing around Queenstown while they were here holidaying with family friends The Cole family.

Arriving in Queenstown with new fly rods and ready to use them for the first time we chose our days and went out for some fishing. These guys enjoy every moment of the day, taking in the awesome scenery and amazed at the amount of fresh cold water that flows down our rivers. is something that is close to Micks heart as he and thousands of others are directly effected by the Murray River. Do some research for yourself and learn about what is going on with the worlds 14th longest river and show your support.

In the mean time come and see what we have to offer with some of the clearest trout filled rivers in the world……. Dream-waters is what we call it…………