December 15, 2010

The Wilderness Fly Fishing experience, FIORDLAND

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Robb Meyers from Colorado Springs came out to NZ and was looking for a fishing experience that would see us camping on the side of a river somewhere and casting to fish in some of the clearest water i have ever seen.

Fiordland offers a wilderness experience that will leave you speechless to say the least…

Clear water that offers the fly fisherman the dream of casting to sighted fish.


February 7, 2010

The last month of Fishing and some..

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Take a look at some of the places we have been going..

Some of the people we have been showing around..

And some of the fish we have been meeting..


November 12, 2009

The search for the most pristine water in the world…

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Pictures paint a thousand words they say, and for Gordy Watson and myself  well we reckon the place where we went was worth more than a thousand words, much more!!

Myself,Gordy Watson, Craig, Wendy & Shane Cole, Just being there is special. If there was ever a place to go fly fishing in your wildest dreams?? This could be it!!


November 4, 2009

Peter Gomm From Western Australia.

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Peter Gomm was in Queenstown for about the third visit with his wife and as always makes the most of his time here. With plenty of snow on the mountains around Queenstown and only a coulpe of days in town. Snow shoeing in the morning and fishing in the afternoon was the call.

Peter Hitchman from Snowshoeing Queenstown and Guided Nature Walks Queenstown  showed off what we call our back yard and got up close and personal with country that unless you were a skier or snowboarder would never imagine in your wildest dreams going to!!

From snow shoes  and the mountain tops to a pair of waders and the river valley in a matter of hours is what is possible here in the Wakatipu.

Some people sit in offices and dream about this stuff all day long, we wake up in the morning and do it!! Living the dream!!!

Mataura Brown Trout


October 6, 2009

First Day of the Season 2009

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Bruce and I went for a drive south of Queenstown and went exploring in some head waters of one of our favourite rivers. The weather could not be matched with blue sky and a slight tail breeze, perfect to help roll out our 15ft leeders.

We spotted a few fish and even though it was the first day of the season, they were not making it easy for us!! The stretch of river we chose is known for large fish, but also for the fact that there are not big numbers.

For us as always it is about being there!! And the valley we were in was looking at its best. Lunch and a nice cup of tea or coffee riverside is always a pleasure.

We did get to meet some locals up close and personal and a bonus with one fish happy to take a dry fly. All in all a nice day out in our back yard. Bring on the rest of the fishing season!!!Bruce with a nice back country Brown


June 10, 2009

Dream-waters in our back-yard Kobayashi-san gets some TIGHT-LINES

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Yasu Kobayashi from Nagano Japan, stepped up to the plate and delivered some beautiful casts that got instant results.

If there was ever a lesson in casting and playing a fish then Kobayashi-san is the man to watch, and on the river we fished he was definitly the boss.

Using his faithful SCOTT ROD  #5 of 10 years the experience of fishing some dream-waters was made even better….. after 9 years of travelling to N.Z to fish Yasu and Kazu finally made it to the top of Lake Wakatipu, after today it won’t be the last.



April 24, 2009

Bob & Suzie Cronholm go fishing for a few hours

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Bob and suzie were booked to take the Dart River Jet boat from 12.45pm. We had done a weather check the night before and found our window of opportunity was a morning fishing excursion.

I picked them up from Blanket Bay at 8.30 and we drove 20 minutes to the Routeburn River. There was evidence of the last weather system that went through days earlier as logs some up to 2 tonnes were no longer where i had remembered them and were now 40 -50 metres down river!!

Despite this there were fish to be spotted and we cast at a few with Bob hooking 2 and landing 1, Suzie had a major battle with a good Rainbow and after 15 minutes of moving up and down the run a few times done a mighty run and took the fly with him. It was hard to leave the river but there was a  jet boat to catch and another adventure to live.

That was a half of a day out on some Dream-water making the most of our beautiful country… living the dream..

Early morning mist, Bob and Suzie Cronholm


April 18, 2009

The Brocks go fishing..

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Another family passing the passion of fly fishing on..

We flew to a special high country river that presents a challenge to any fisherman. Flying out across the southern alps is something special that has to be experienced while you are in N.Z. And to land beside a river that is full of rainbow trout is a dream come true.

That is what we did with the brock family from Toronto.. See for yourself what the pictures say..

Lake Hawea N.Z


March 13, 2009

Scott S4 #5/ Airflow, Airlite Reel/ Airflow Tactical 5wt line………… A very nice combination!!!

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I had a couple of hours to spare so was able to get away to one of my favourite rivers and get a feel for the Scott S4. I must admit that as soon as it arrived to my house i was out on the lawn casting and getting a feel for what i had read so much about.

By no means do i consider myself to be an expert in the fly rod world, and i may not have the prettiest cast, but i do know what is required when it comes to the business end fo fly fishing.

The most noticable thing was the weight of the S4, very light with a surprisingly grunty feel about it. Grunty may sound harsh, but there is some power hidden amongst the S4 that with the right timing and power application makes for a very accurate and stealth fly rod.

On the water it was just a joy to throw, in fact who cares if there are no fish around!! any river will do. Needless to say i did get to cast at a fish or two and make the right cast with the right fly to feel the power of the rod and the airlite reel at work. Thats right i also had a Tactical line #5 on board and the whole combination is just magic. I just want to go fishing again and again and again…………

I say this to all my clients and anybody interested in fly fishing and that is, get on the back lawn or sports field and just keep casting that rod. It is the fast track to catching fish, and you will be surprised with who you will meet and the conversations that come from people passing by.

Tight-lines will be the result, have a look at the photos that follow, Scott S4 in one hand Nikon D70s in the other………………………Happy tester in the middle…………..



February 20, 2009

Dancing with COWS……..Backcountry Audience watching the action….

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We were fishing in a place with an audience of cows that is in the back of beyond. You would think you were in the wild west of the states somewhere, but no we were on some dream-waters not far from Queenstown. (By Helicoter)

An amazing Fishery that on the day can offer dry fly fishing that fly- fisherman the world over dream of…………