December 23, 2010

Fly fishing New Zealand, seeing what it is all about.

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Bruce and i teamed up for the day, mission – Steve, David and Darcy, wanted to check out what fly fishing was all about??

Of course it is fishing but, quite different to other forms of fishing, what we do is 90% sight fishing, yip we don’t even make a cast until we see a fish.

This changes the game and turns us into more of a hunter fisherman, then just a chuck and chance fisherman.

The weather of late had been rainy to say the least and most of our rivers were high and coloured. Taking a boat to the mouth of a nearby river was the best option, and look for some lake edge cruisers.


December 12, 2010

Honeymoon FlyFishing trip into the back counrty

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Taka and his wife were in Queenstown for their honeymoon and keen to take a helicopter out into the back country for some fly fishing.

We like to practice catch and release in our back country rivers, so the next day we went to a local lake and caught a couple of fish that we smoked for lunch on the side of a river.


Helicopters open up a whole new world when time is not on your side, and gives the opportunity to go to the back of beyond..


February 7, 2010

The last month of Fishing and some..

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Take a look at some of the places we have been going..

Some of the people we have been showing around..

And some of the fish we have been meeting..


November 13, 2009

Fly Fishing N.Z a Dream come true…

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Tim Pope-Ellis from Cape Town South Africa, was in Queenstown for 3 days and had 1 day to go fishing. We went out towards Glenorchy and spent a day hiking and fishing a beautiful valley that holds nice Browns and Rainbows.

If you are travelling to N.Z and want to catch fish, give us a call. If we are unavailable then we can put you on to somebody who can help. Point is if you love to fly fish for trout you need a professional fishing guide, all things being equal we will put you into the business end of your fly rod and have you casting at fish and making your dreams come true.

Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu, on the way to Glenorchy. Just driving to  and from our rivers is amazing.


August 8, 2009

A day in the mountains.

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Untracked powder snow, Great snow boarders, a helicopter with a great pilot and this is the result…..Alpine heliski Queenstown


July 25, 2009

Alpine Heliski Queenstown, Private Charter.

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Peter Simson and his kids Natalia & Oscar do exactly that when they visit Queenstown in the winter. Flying out of the Alpine Choppers hanger with Stefan at the controls and Peter Rasmussan (Lead Guide) and myself on a charter to find Powder in the Mountains not far from town was our mission.

We were straight into it, finding safe lines, as we had recieved new snow over the previous days and snow stability was not the best, and route selection was the key to having a day to remember for the right reasons.

A private charter is the ultimate in Heliskiing, and Alpine Heliski are the guys to talk to when it really counts. If you want the mountains in our back yard to feel like you own them for a day or 2 as well as a helicopter then get in touch with us at Alpine Heliski and see for yourself.

Peter, Natalia and Oscar loved every moment of the day, and were skiing like there was no tomorrow, take a look at our photos of the day and picture yourself being there…

Alpine heli-ski Queenstown


July 22, 2009

The BEST of Both Worlds, Fishing & skiing

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Queenstown has had the coldest and driest months of June and July in its history of recorded weather!! When i am Ski Guiding with Alpine Heliski  i often chuckle to myself and think about the spring time when the snow i am skiing on melts and eventually makes it way down into the river systems that sustain all of the Rainbow and Brown Trout we hunt in the Summer time.

I know for a fact that at the bottom of this particular valley where we skiied with Rob Morrison and family and friends there is one such river that is home to some of the best dry fly fishing around.

Once a fisherman, always a fisherman!!

Alpine heli-ski Queenstown, Eyre Mountains, Queenstown.  

July 9, 2009

Fishing in the morning, Skiing in the Afternoon.

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Joe, Beth, Katie & Joe jr, were here in Queenstown visiting from Alabama. Winter will often see the lakes glassy calm with scenes you could make a calender out of. I teamed up with Gordy Watson and we had a good look around the top of the lake. We spotted some good fish and had some opportunity but i think the scenery got in the way!!

Lake wakatipu, mid winter


June 10, 2009

Dream-waters in our back-yard Kobayashi-san gets some TIGHT-LINES

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Yasu Kobayashi from Nagano Japan, stepped up to the plate and delivered some beautiful casts that got instant results.

If there was ever a lesson in casting and playing a fish then Kobayashi-san is the man to watch, and on the river we fished he was definitly the boss.

Using his faithful SCOTT ROD  #5 of 10 years the experience of fishing some dream-waters was made even better….. after 9 years of travelling to N.Z to fish Yasu and Kazu finally made it to the top of Lake Wakatipu, after today it won’t be the last.



April 21, 2009

The Brocks go fishing AGAIN..

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Rick, Norma, Hayley and Devon Brock made some more time to go fishing, off we went to the mouth of the Greenstone. The day was perfect with the cloud burning off by mid day and the sun shining bright. The river was still running a little high above normal but the fish were there.

I say the fish were there but they weren’t going crazy to jump on our flys!! We hooked fish and landed a few and over all had a great day out on some Dream-waters.

Hayley Brock, Lake Wakatipu