October 27, 2010

New Zealand Fly Fishing, Best in the WORLD..

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Tell us what you think??

We would say that, thats why we live here, and thats why people from all over the world come here to do so there must be some truth in the statement.

Here are a few reasons and photos that we reckon will back that statement up, hope you agree?? We welcome your comments though..

Gordy watson, nice brown for the release.

Put yourself right here??

What do you, pretty nice country we live in aye??

October 6, 2009

First Day of the Season 2009

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Bruce and I went for a drive south of Queenstown and went exploring in some head waters of one of our favourite rivers. The weather could not be matched with blue sky and a slight tail breeze, perfect to help roll out our 15ft leeders.

We spotted a few fish and even though it was the first day of the season, they were not making it easy for us!! The stretch of river we chose is known for large fish, but also for the fact that there are not big numbers.

For us as always it is about being there!! And the valley we were in was looking at its best. Lunch and a nice cup of tea or coffee riverside is always a pleasure.

We did get to meet some locals up close and personal and a bonus with one fish happy to take a dry fly. All in all a nice day out in our back yard. Bring on the rest of the fishing season!!!Bruce with a nice back country Brown


June 10, 2009

Dream-waters in our back-yard Kobayashi-san gets some TIGHT-LINES

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Yasu Kobayashi from Nagano Japan, stepped up to the plate and delivered some beautiful casts that got instant results.

If there was ever a lesson in casting and playing a fish then Kobayashi-san is the man to watch, and on the river we fished he was definitly the boss.

Using his faithful SCOTT ROD  #5 of 10 years the experience of fishing some dream-waters was made even better….. after 9 years of travelling to N.Z to fish Yasu and Kazu finally made it to the top of Lake Wakatipu, after today it won’t be the last.



April 25, 2009

Shawn comes over from Sydney Australia to go back country.

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New Zealand has no dangerous animals, i mean we have no snakes, no bear no tigers.. what we do have is the weather and if you go back country and are no prepared for 4 seasons then that is one thing that will catch you out!!

Reading a weather map is a skill that is handy, but even then this place is so changeable!! The plan was to go back country by helicopter but looking at the weather things were looking touch and go. We drove south to get away from the North Wester and found some fishing on the Apirima. We spotted a number of fish and managed to time it right for a mayfly hatch. Shawn caught his first fish on a dry fly, made the perfect cast and timed the strike just right, and then landed the brown by net, another first. Worth the travel from Sydney Australia i think.

We are still watching the weather for our chance to go back country, will keep you posted…

shawn with an Apirima Brown.


March 4, 2009

A Cloudless BLUE sky day………. But The WIND blew hard into your face….

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Mark La Noue, out visiting N.Z for the first time from Portland (Oregon) and i paid a visit to a river south of Queenstown and introduced ourselves to some local trout.

The drive reminded Mark of some places in the states, and the fact that he grew up in Denver Colarado made him feel pretty much at home hanging out in Queenstown for a few days.

The sky was blue, however the wind was head on and punchy. Armed with his Sage #6 Mark was able to deliver the right casts to get connected with some brown and rainbow trout.

We were well rewarded putting some fish to the net, but had a solid walk to contend with. Was it worth it……………

You bet it was…………………….



February 17, 2009

Guess the DREAM-WATER……………and you could win a days fishing with us….

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We went for a search, Gordy Watson (TroutStalkers) and I found a stash of awesome water out there??. There were’nt many fish, but you know what they are BIG.

We know where they live, and if they happen to be home when we go calling and everything goes to plan the rewards could be great if you are a fisherman, not so much if you are the BIG FISH………. 

If you think you know these places?? or would like to know these places get in touch with us……….



February 3, 2009

Southland Spring Creek, Presentation is paramount.

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If you have just started flyfishing or have had a life time of stalking and hunting trout, then there is nothing nicer then coming across a spring creek in the middle of a farm paddock that holds good fish. Presentation and selection of the fly is Paramount!! The results will be talked about for years and will always bring a smile to your face.

spring creek dream-waters