March 13, 2009

Scott S4 #5/ Airflow, Airlite Reel/ Airflow Tactical 5wt line………… A very nice combination!!!

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I had a couple of hours to spare so was able to get away to one of my favourite rivers and get a feel for the Scott S4. I must admit that as soon as it arrived to my house i was out on the lawn casting and getting a feel for what i had read so much about.

By no means do i consider myself to be an expert in the fly rod world, and i may not have the prettiest cast, but i do know what is required when it comes to the business end fo fly fishing.

The most noticable thing was the weight of the S4, very light with a surprisingly grunty feel about it. Grunty may sound harsh, but there is some power hidden amongst the S4 that with the right timing and power application makes for a very accurate and stealth fly rod.

On the water it was just a joy to throw, in fact who cares if there are no fish around!! any river will do. Needless to say i did get to cast at a fish or two and make the right cast with the right fly to feel the power of the rod and the airlite reel at work. Thats right i also had a Tactical line #5 on board and the whole combination is just magic. I just want to go fishing again and again and again…………

I say this to all my clients and anybody interested in fly fishing and that is, get on the back lawn or sports field and just keep casting that rod. It is the fast track to catching fish, and you will be surprised with who you will meet and the conversations that come from people passing by.

Tight-lines will be the result, have a look at the photos that follow, Scott S4 in one hand Nikon D70s in the other………………………Happy tester in the middle…………..